What is an AMC? | Oak Ridge AMC

What is an AMC?

AMC is short for Association Management Company. A professional AMC helps guide your organization to achieve the goals and objectives outlined by your leadership.  This typically includes membership growth, conference organization and growth, financial management, governance and advocacy. We know association management and strive to give our client volunteers the time to focus on the direction and sustainability of your organization and industry. Our goal is to help our client organizations flourish and succeed.

Internal Director vs. AMC

An executive manager or director is a great first step for a growing organization but this is only one person (and still someone you have to manage). Working with an AMC connects your organization with our dedicated and experienced team.  Oak Ridge will provide solutions to your organization based on your needs. We can provide support from a team beyond anything a single person can do. This ensures you have the support and guidance to best serve your membership, increase your impact and grow your organization.

What is an AMC? Oak Ridge AMC
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Long-term Partner 

An individual’s circumstances change and this can mean you’re looking for a new director every couple years. Working with an AMC means you have a long-term partner that will grow and evolve with the current board and boards to come, creating continuity.

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Dedicated Staff

While you have the whole Oak Ridge team behind your organization’s success, every client is assigned a specific staff person or persons, based on your needs.

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Specialized Services

It is impossible to expect one person to have the specialized skills in all the areas your evolving organization needs. With an AMC, having access to our whole team means you have a wealth of collective expertise ready to help you with whatever you need.

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Cost Effective

All our association clients share the same suite of services and resources meaning you have everything your organization will need, for a lot less money than if you were to outsource tasks and responsibilities independently.