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Oak Ridge AMC is an Accredited Association Management Company, partnering with professional organizations and industry groups looking to flourish and succeed.

We are your association’s expert in governance, leadership, membership, conference organization, and accounting/financial management services.  We keep your professional organization, trade association or industry group running smoothly in a forward motion so that your leadership can focus on their full-time jobs. We’ll help you reach your financial goals, create value for your members through improved member and conference experiences. We’ll take over managing the day-to-day operations of your organization so you and your volunteer leaders can focus on your organization’s goals and objectives.  Your volunteer leaders excel in what they do. Let the Oak Ridge AMC staff excel in what we do to help your organization reach the next level.

Our Mission

Oak Ridge AMC is dedicated to providing professional management of 501c3 and 501c6 industry associations. Management that creates dynamic and valuable experiences for the organization’s members, that encourages growth and commitment while supporting and developing the organization leadership in their financial and strategic goals.

Our Team

Oak Ridge Association Management Company Nashville Tennessee
Pat Owings, CMP, DMCP

Direct: 615.772.4086

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Oak Ridge Association Management Company Nashville Tennessee
Lyn Sholl, CMP
Director of Meetings

Direct: 615.250.7784

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Oak Ridge Association Management Company Nashville Tennessee
Betsy Hilt, CAE
Senior Association Executive

Direct: 615.345.9550

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Betty Brock
Account Executive

Direct: 615.574.0909

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Connie Rhea
Account Executive

Direct: 615.345.9550

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Oak Ridge Association Management Company Nashville Tennessee
Annette Miller
Account Manager

Direct: 615.345.9582

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