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Oak Ridge AMC and their employees have been nothing but professional, punctual, and polite when helping manage our company. We made a transition recently and Oak Ridge’s work has been better than ever before. I don’t know what we would do without Oak Ridge.

– Zachary Brickner, Nashville Junior Chamber –

About Oak Ridge AMC

Oak Ridge AMC is an Accredited Association Management Company, partnering with professional organizations and industry groups who want to flourish and succeed. We are your association’s expert in governance, leadership, membership, conference organization, and accounting/financial management services. We keep your professional organization, trade association or industry group running smoothly in a forward motion so that your leadership can focus on their full-time jobs. We’ll help you reach your financial goals, create value for your members through improved member and conference experiences. We’ll take over managing the day-to-day operations of your organization so you and your volunteer leaders can focus on your organization’s goals and objectives.  Your volunteer leaders excel in what they do. Oak Ridge AMC staff excels in what we do to help your organization grow.


At Oak Ridge AMC, we make your life easier by providing professional services to trade associations, membership organizations and industry groups including: 

Membership Management
Membership Management
Leadership Development & Board Governance
Leadership Development
& Board Governance
Monthly Membership Meetings
Monthly Membership Meetings
Full-Service Conference Management
Full-Service Conference Management
Board Retreats & Committee Meetings Oak Ridge Association Management Company Nashville Tennessee
Board Retreats & Committee Meetings
Marketing & Branding Oak Ridge Association Management Company Nashville Tennessee
Marketing & Branding
Accounting & Budgeting Services
Accounting & Budgeting Services
Day-to-Day Operations
Day-to-Day Operations

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